FAQ: Talking During Music Lessons 

"My child seems to be talking a lot during her lesson!"

"I'm not sure why he's so chatty, please feel free to tell him to focus!" 

I've heard a lot of comments relating to talking during music lessons and decided it was time to put up a quick post about my feelings on the topic! In general, I allow talking during lessons, as I believe connection between student and teacher is important - ESPECIALLY with very young students. There are times, of course, when I do need to tighten up the reins, but it depends…

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FAQ: Why Learn Music? 

I don't get this question too often, since those who reach out to me have already decided to learn, but it's come up often enough that I'd like to address it for all prospective musicians and music students.  

First things first: there's no one-size-fits-all answer for every single person interested in learning music. I'll likely add additional posts on the topic because there are simply too many reasons to pack into one blog post.  

I read something a few months ago about how music educators should stop…

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FAQ: What's the Best Way to Practice? 

Following up on my previous post about how much to practice, I want to follow up with a little note on, well, best practices for practicing! As I mentioned, I'm not the type of person who encourages every music student to play for a particular time. I encourage playing a piece a set number of times. 

Last weekend I attended a guitar workshop in Manhattan led by a group of renowned performers and educators and practicing was a hot topic. The general consensus of the educators was that quality, not quantity…

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FAQ: How Much Should I (or my child) Practice? 

This is a question I'm asked by both new and seasoned students alike. New students and parents want to know what they're signing up for while more advanced students want to ensure their practice routines continue to benefit their musical journeys.  

In an ideal world, my students would practice each piece (or section of a piece) about 5 times per day, every day. That's it. No half-hour of daily practice, no two-hour marathon practice sessions on the weekend.  

Here's why: the brain actually makes the…

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FAQ: When Should I Start Learning Music? 

Prospective students and parents often ask me "What's the right age to start music lessons?" My answer is an enthusiastic "Any age!" Learning music is beneficial to students of all ages. I've taught lessons to students as young as three all the way up into retirement and I've seen growth and development at every age.  

Before three years old, a private music lesson is probably not the best choice, but group music classes such as Mommy and Me music, music and movement classes, Kindermusic, and others are a…

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Are Online Music Lessons Right for Me? 

I'm currently living and teaching music lessons in the Middlebury, VT area, but I haven't lived here forever - we arrived just last November! I've been teaching music for over a decade though, and I've been extremely fortunate that, during the course of that decade, technology has allowed me to continue teaching students, regardless of location! It's amazing to see some of my students grow up (I've now had students not only graduate high school, but graduate college, get married, and have kids of their…

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