Music Lessons for Fall 2020

Hello current and prospective students!

I was talking with my husband this week about how happy I am teaching - how genuinely excited I get each time students learn a new concept - and how thankful I am to be able to continue teaching in this new normal. I'm glad technology and the weather have cooperated this summer, and as summer winds down I've been thinking about how lessons will look going forward.


I've made the difficult decision to continue to offer all piano lessons online only for the time being. Due to the prolonged close contact necessary for piano  - sitting on the same bench, facing the same instrument for 20-30 minutes at a time - I don't feel comfortable just yet going back to in-person lessons. Current professional guidelines for music educators indicate instruments and sheet music should not be shared, which makes in-home piano lessons nearly impossible. The only option that would truly work for in-home piano lessons right now would be in a large space with two instruments - so if you happen to have two keyboards at home and a large room, there's a slight chance we could resume in-person lessons. 

I understand many students are feeling screen fatigue with remote learning and I completely respect any decisions to pause piano lessons at this time for anyone who doesn't want to add more screen time. For those who might like to give it a try, or students who took a break over the summer, please reach out so we can get you on the calendar. 


Summer weather has allowed me to offer outdoor guitar lessons for local students and I am happy to continue doing so as long as weather permits. Since we can generally remain 6 feet apart while playing guitar, it's been a bit easier to do than piano. That said, cold weather comes early to Vermont. I will definitely be offering online guitar lessons this winter, and am considering options for in-person physically distant lessons once lessons need to move indoors. 

Here are my current guidelines for outdoor lessons:

  • Please ensure we have a space where we can remain about 6 feet apart for the majority of the lesson 
  • Please ensure students wash and/or sanitize their hands (and wipe down instruments) immediately prior to the lesson as there may be times when I need to do quick hand position adjustments, tune instruments, or help write notes on sheet music 
  • Please ensure students and any family members I may encounter are wearing a face mask 
  • Please let me know if ANYONE in your home has experienced any symptoms of illness over the past week 
  • Please cancel lessons for 2 weeks following any out of state travel by the student
  • Please arrange contactless payment (via Paypal, Venmo, or Square invoice) 

I will do the following: 

  • Provide my own music stand and stool/chair that will travel with me so you do not need to clean furniture 
  • Wear a face mask at all times 
  • Sanitize my hands immediately prior to and following the lesson 
  • Remain 6 feet apart for the majority of the lesson except in cases where I need to do quick hand adjustments, tuning, or notation assistance 
  • Cancel lessons same-day at no charge due to inclement weather 
  • Cancel lessons for 2 weeks following any out of state travel 
  • Continue to follow all state guidance on gatherings and health

I am considering offering limited in-home guitar lessons over the winter with additional precautions to those listed above:

  • Please have a space for us to work that is as close to an entrance as possible. I want to limit how much time I'm spending in homes, and how many rooms I'm passing through, in order to reduce risk for everyone.
  • Please limit how much time we spend visiting before/after lessons and with other household members. I love seeing everyone but want to keep my time in homes as short as possible. I will be happy to text/email with any questions or follow up necessary. 
  • I may limit my trips to 1-2 students per day in order to reduce risk. This may impact my availability for lessons and I will do my best to accommodate all students. 

I will continue to reassess our options for returning to in-person lessons as schools reopen. Thank you for understanding, and for inviting me on your musical journey!