Music Lessons for Fall 2020

Hello current and prospective students!

I was talking with my husband this week about how happy I am teaching - how genuinely excited I get each time students learn a new concept - and how thankful I am to be…


COVID19 Studio Policy Updates

Vermont is now under a "Stay Home, Stay Safe" order due to COVID19. This minimizes all non-essential activities outside the home, and music lessons are not considered essential. Although I teach in my students' homes, for now it is my…


FAQ: Can we come to your studio?

I currently operate with a mobile teaching studio - this means I come to you and teach music lessons in your home. This also means I don't have a studio for you to come to at this time. Over the…


FAQ: Are Private Music Lessons Right For Me/My Kids?

I LOVE music, and I love sharing my love of music with others. I say nearly every day I have the best job in the world! Helping inspire others to learn and grow musically is amazing. Here are some factors…


FAQ: Can you teach this instrument?

I love living in a small community - knowing someone else can check on our cats or let us borrow a ladder without a second thought is great! One of the downfalls of living in a small community can be…


FAQ: How Do I Help My Child Succeed With Lessons?

We're all different - we like different music, we learn differently, we think differently. That's why - although I often use the same method for many students - I tailor my lessons to the student's needs and goals. However, I…


FAQ: How Do Online Lessons Work?

I now offer online lessons for students in any location, as well as in-person students who may have weather- or illness-related cancellations. This allows us to keep progressing with music, even when the climate or immune systems don't want to…


FAQ: How Young is Too Young for Music Lessons?

My first guitar student was 8 years old and I still remember those early lessons with her, when progress seemed slow, and I wasn't sure whether she was actually having fun. I'm happy to report now she's in college and…


FAQ: Talking During Music Lessons

"My child seems to be talking a lot during her lesson!"

"I'm not sure why he's so chatty, please feel free to tell him to focus!" 

I've heard a lot of comments relating to talking during music lessons…


FAQ: Why Learn Music?

I don't get this question too often, since those who reach out to me have already decided to learn, but it's come up often enough that I'd like to address it for all prospective musicians and music students.  

First things…