Online Resources

for students of all levels

New video series with short demonstrations available on YouTube:

I use a variety of online resources to supplement my method books and lessons. Many of these websites offer FREE sheet music, musical games, printables, and more! During these weeks when we're at home and either pausing lessons until we can get together, or looking for more musical activities to enjoy, I wanted to be sure everyone knew about them. Without further ado, click the headers to follow the links: 

G Major Music Theory 

Free sheet music for guitar and piano at all levels, free music theory resources, and more.  

Making Music Fun 

 Free and premium sheet music for a variety of instruments and levels, music theory worksheets, games and coloring pages, and lots more. You are limited to a certain number of printables per day if you're not a paying subscriber so I recommend reviewing anything you may be interested in prior to hitting "print" on everything at once!  

Piano Song Download

Lots of free sheet music from a fellow piano teacher - no copyright issues since they're all original arrangements. She also has a great interactive note ID flashcard page.

Teach Piano Today

This website is FULL of printable worksheets, games, and coloring pages - while many of them are geared more toward teacher's use in a lesson, parents may be just as comfortable working with students on the more creative games that focus on recognition, counting, and other basic musical skills.

 And Next Comes L

There are loads of musical and non-musical activities on this blog. I've linked directly to the musical ones. Most of these activities require creativity and imagination more than in-depth musical knowledge, and are perfect for these extra days at home!

I hope some of these musicals resources are helpful for you. See you online soon!