Are Online Music Lessons Right for Me?

I've been teaching music for over a decade though, and I've been extremely fortunate that, during the course of that decade, technology has allowed me to continue teaching students, regardless of location! It's amazing to see some of my students grow up (I've now had students not only graduate high school, but graduate college, get married, and have kids of their own!!) and stay in touch with them. It's even more amazing to be able to play music together, even if it's been a few years since last time we saw each other in person. 

If you're considering whether online music lessons may be right for you, here are some general guidelines I've picked up over the last few years offering online lessons: 


Students under the age of 8 are generally too young to benefit greatly from online lessons. Since I can't be there in person to correct hands or redirect the focus of young children, I recommend students be at least 8 years old for the most successful online music lessons. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, so if you have a particularly focused young child (or are willing to be present and assist during the lesson), please reach out

Musical Background 

Students who are completely new to learning music may find online lessons to be challenging or even frustrating at first. I highly recommend students have some musical background - whether that includes lessons on a different instrument, casual learning with friends who play, or previous in-person lessons. Having a general idea of where to put your hands and how to read music will make it easier than trying to learn from a screen! 

This doesn't mean you can't start online lessons as a total beginner - far from it! - but that, if you choose to go that route, you will need to be patient with yourself while you learn. I am always accessible via text or email if you run into something while practicing that just doesn't make sense! 

Internal Motivation 

This is probably the strongest indicator of success for online music students (and most in-person students too!). Internal motivation is what will keep you practicing between lessons, and that's key regardless of how you study. It also means you'll be willing to focus on the screen and truly listen and watch during your lessons, even though I'm just a two-dimensional flat screen instead of a living, breathing person sitting next to you! Since we do so much on screens these days, it can be easy to "check out" and not treat an online lesson with as much attention as an in-person lesson. I do as much as possible to make my lessons fun and engaging, and I want my students to want to be there too. 

If you're not sure if online lessons are right for you or your child, please contact me. I always do a meet and greet - even virtual ones! - before beginning lessons with any student and I believe that time is important to ask questions and better understand student goals and backgrounds. I look forward to joining you on your musical journey!