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Updated Tuition Payment Policies for Online Lessons - 2021 

When we're making music in person, it's usually pretty straightforward at the start of the month when we figure out together how many lessons to plan for and what the tuition will be for the month. I leave that first lesson with a check or Venmo payment at the time of the lesson, and keep track in case of any unexpected absences.

Online lessons still operate under the monthly tuition model, meaning payment is due at or prior to the first lesson of the month. Since I don't interact with parents as much with…

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FAQ: But I don't WANT to play piano today, online edition 

I've transitioned entirely to online lessons this year, and overall it's worked out great - students are still learning and building skills, and we're using technology to stay connected.

Teaching online is a little different since I'm not there in person. One aspect of lessons I miss the most is playing together when a student learns a new piece - we learn it one hand at a time, and then I play one hand while the student plays the other, so they can hear it in real-time before playing it hands together…

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Can you teach this instrument: Online edition 

One positive that's come out of this year is many students of all ages are finding the time to learn music - and since I'm not traveling between students, I actually have more students now than I did in-person! 

With the increase of potential students, and considering how online lessons work for students of different ages and abilities, I've got some updates to the "can you teach this" question.

I DO teach the following (online):

  • Beginner to intermediate piano for ages 8+
    • Parents…
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Music Lessons for Fall 2020 

Hello current and prospective students!

I was talking with my husband this week about how happy I am teaching - how genuinely excited I get each time students learn a new concept - and how thankful I am to be able to continue teaching in this new normal. I'm glad technology and the weather have cooperated this summer, and as summer winds down I've been thinking about how lessons will look going forward.


I've made the difficult decision to continue to offer all piano lessons online only for the time…

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COVID19 Studio Policy Updates 

Vermont is now under a "Stay Home, Stay Safe" order due to COVID19. This minimizes all non-essential activities outside the home, and music lessons are not considered essential. Although I teach in my students' homes, for now it is my responsibility to stay home and transition all lessons to virtual/online lessons to help keep us all safe and healthy. 

What this means for current students

All current students wishing to continue with lessons during this time of transition are encouraged to do so! We can…

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FAQ: Can we come to your studio? 

I currently operate with a mobile teaching studio - this means I come to you and teach music lessons in your home. This also means I don't have a studio for you to come to at this time. Over the years I've taught in a variety of settings for various reasons, and there's sometimes a stigma attached to traveling teachers, so today's post is to shed some light on the different approaches to teaching location. 

Teaching in Commercial Studios/Music Schools

I've taught lessons in rented office/studio spaces and…

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FAQ: Are Private Music Lessons Right For Me/My Kids? 

I LOVE music, and I love sharing my love of music with others. I say nearly every day I have the best job in the world! Helping inspire others to learn and grow musically is amazing. Here are some factors to consider if you're deciding whether private music lessons are the next step in your musical journey:

Reason for Taking Lessons

Many people reach out to me because they also love music and want to understand it better. This is a great reason to learn music, and when the desire to understand is deep…

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FAQ: Can you teach this instrument?  

I love living in a small community - knowing someone else can check on our cats or let us borrow a ladder without a second thought is great! One of the downfalls of living in a small community can be limited resources.Usually we get creative and use what we have which is great! However, trying to "use what we have" when it comes to music lessons may not be the best choice. 

I've recently been asked if I could offer lessons on instruments as varied as violin/fiddle, bass, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, and even…

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FAQ: How Do I Help My Child Succeed With Lessons? 

We're all different - we like different music, we learn differently, we think differently. That's why - although I often use the same method for many students - I tailor my lessons to the student's needs and goals. However, I only see the student once a week - that's a tiny portion of their time each week! Learning music effectively takes consistent effort. While some early beginners are able to squeak by for a few months without practicing too much, they'll eventually have to start putting some work in…

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FAQ: How Do Online Lessons Work? 

I now offer online lessons for students in any location, as well as in-person students who may have weather- or illness-related cancellations. This allows us to keep progressing with music, even when the climate or immune systems don't want to cooperate! So what do you need for a successful online lesson?

Computer/Tablet Access

While we could technically do a lesson with an iPhone, it's much better to use a tablet or laptop computer with a camera/videoconferencing capabilities. A phone screen is very small…

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