I look forward to joining you on your musical journey! 

My goal as a teacher is to help each student become a confident, knowledgeable, and passionate musician. My holistic teaching approach also includes life lessons: personal responsibility, communication skills, goal-setting, and time management.  

I specialize in teaching women and early beginners, and I am passionate about women in music. My extensive musical background combined with my student-centered teaching style make for a unique, positive, and rewarding learning experience.  

I offer a complimentary meet & greet with each prospective student at their home (or online) before beginning lessons. This gives me a chance to find your home to ensure I arrive on time for future lessons (or set up your computer), and offers you the chance to ask any questions you may have about music, your instrument, or what to expect when studying with me. It also allows us to review your musical goals and background so we know where to begin!

Please read below for my current studio policies. If you have questions or would like to discuss anything further, please don't hesitate to reach out. 

What I Offer:

  • Student-centered lesson plans blending traditional methods with student goals
  • Flexible and encouraging teaching style
  • Positive and engaging learning environment
  • Open dialogue regarding student progress

What I expect from you:

  • Dedication to practice outside lessons
  • Respectful learning environment
  • Punctuality and preparedness for lessons
  • Honest communication regarding student progress, goals, and challenges

Practice & Parent Involvement

I spend only a short time with each student every week to review progress, introduce new concepts, and prepare students for productive practice during the week. The number one indicator of success and satisfaction with music lessons is practice outside the lesson, and parental involvement is often key to consistent practice. Students under age 8 or so really benefit from an adult encouraging them to practice and helping them practice - at these young ages, students aren't usually ready to make self-directed practice a habit on their own. Ideally students will practice 3-5 days per week, playing a piece correctly 3-5x/day (and as many times as needed to get it right before they begin counting those 3-5 times!). We're looking for consistency, not perfection, and it's important to encourage and praise the habit of practice versus perceived improvement in playing.

Here are some ideas to get involved with your child's music lessons and encourage consistent practice:

  • Create a safe, comfortable environment in which students can practice. Some students enjoy playing piano in the family room; others prefer privacy while they practice. You may want to ask your child what works best for them.
  • Ask "Can you show me what you learned this week?" This takes away pressure to be perfect and expresses genuine interest in what they're learning, not how well they're playing.
  • Use the 3-minute timer! Set the timer on your phone for 3 minutes and watch it count down together while your student works on one section or concept. 
  • Use practice charts as a visual way to mark consistent effort. Remember to encourage and praise consistency over progress!
  • Add practice to the daily routine - whether it's in the morning right after they brush their teeth or in the evening between Math and English homework, consistency is key. 
  • Create a weekly calendar/schedule with all activities and commitments listed. Include lessons and practice time for a visual reminder that practice is a commitment!

If your student is struggling with practice, please let me know so we can explore additional practice tips and techniques to ensure a successful musical experience. 


    • Tuition for the month is due at the first lesson of the month unless there are extenuating circumstances. If this is the case please speak with me beforehand. 
    • Payment is accepted via cash, Venmo, check, card, and Paypal. 
    • Payment for books or supplemental materials is due when materials are issued.
    • 2021 Update: if tuition is unpaid after the first lesson of the month, I will send a reminder, and if tuition is still unpaid by the morning of the second lesson with no further communication, I will cancel the remaining lessons until tuition is paid.

    Same-Day/Short Notice Cancellation Policies

    WEATHER & Safety

    • For same-day cancellations, please TEXT or CALL me at least ONE HOUR prior to lesson start time. There is no charge for weather or safety-related cancellations with one hour's notice.
    • In the event of inclement weather of any type (rain, snow, sleet, ice, power outages, etc) at your home, please use your judgment and TEXT me as soon as possible. If you wouldn't want to be out in the current circumstances, chances are I cannot safely do so either. It is ALWAYS better to be safe and miss a lesson.
    • Same-time online lessons are available for those who do not wish to miss the lesson. 
    • I will do my best to arrive on time to all lessons. If I need to cancel lessons or am running late for any reason (including weather), I will contact the student and/or parent as soon as possible. Please provide the best contact method. 
    • If you may be running late due to weather, traffic, etc please TEXT or CALL me as soon as possible in case it's best we reschedule.
    • Please ensure the driveway/walkway are cleared of snow/ice so I can get to the house safely. 
    • For evening lessons, please leave a light on outside for my safety.

    Illness of Anyone in Your Home

    • If ANYONE in your home has been ill (fevers, stomach issues, colds, coughs, etc) within 48hrs of the lesson, please TEXT me as soon as possible. If anyone has missed work or school within 48hrs, or you wouldn't have company spend time in your home, PLEASE do not invite me into your home for lessons - if the student is just recovering from an illness, s/he may not feel up to a lesson either! Although it may not seem like a big deal since I'm not there very long, if I end up with a cold/flu/etc, I will then lose a week or more of lessons as I will not teach when I am sick. Please remember I depend on tuition for my livelihood.
    • Please be respectful of your neighbors and friends who are also learning music with me, and understand that, while a wintertime runny nose may not be a big deal to you, it could cancel lessons for the neighborhood for the next week or more. There is NO CHARGE for lessons missed due to illness with one hour's notice, and if you're not sure, please reach out and we can discuss what the right solution is. We can do a same-time online lesson instead!
    • If you cancel a lesson due to illness less than one hour before the lesson start time, the lesson fee will be forfeited.
    • I reserve the right to leave a scheduled lesson if a student or member of the household is exhibiting possible symptoms of illness upon my arrival.  The lesson fee will be forfeited.

    Same-Time Online Lessons For Weather & Illness Cancellations

    • For canceled lessons due to weather or illness, I am now offering online lessons at the same time. This means if you usually have a Wednesday 6pm lesson and it's too icy for me to safely come to you, or someone in your home has a fever, we can meet via Facetime or Skype at 6pm for our regularly-scheduled lesson. This way nobody misses a lesson, and everyone is safe and healthy.
    • Please note for young students (ages 8 and under), parents should be available during the lesson to help with any hand placement or trouble spots to review. Thank you in advance for understanding! 

    Attendance POLICIES 

    • Your lesson time has been reserved for you. If you cannot attend for any reason other than weather or illness (including illness of anyone else in your home over the previous 48hrs  - I don't want to bring germs to my other students!) and give less than 24 hours’ notice, the price of the lesson will be forfeited. Please text (preferred) or call as soon as possible if you are unable to keep your lesson. 
    • If you must miss a lesson and give more than 24hrs' notice, the tuition will roll over to the next month.
    • If I need to cancel a lesson for any reason, the tuition will roll over to the next month.
    • I will wait up to five (5) minutes for students, in person or online. Any delays longer than 5 minutes will be charged for the full lesson and no lesson will be given. I cannot stay late to make up time as I need to respect the time set aside for others.
    • If a student misses two (2) consecutive lessons without speaking with me, the lesson time will not be held for the student and may be released. If the student wishes to continue after this, the lesson may be rescheduled for a different day or time. 
    • Parents and siblings are welcome to observe during the lesson; however all children not taking the lesson must be accompanied by an adult AT ALL TIMES. This is for your safety and well-being as well as the value of the student’s time and tuition in the lessons.
    • Should you need to stop taking music lessons with me, please let me know. We may be able to work with scheduling conflicts or address practice issues if desired. Goals and needs change and I would much rather have a student pause lessons if for any reason it's not working out.
    • I reserve the right to discontinue lessons with any student whose behavior, work, or attendance is unsatisfactory, or for unpaid tuition. 
    • I do not teach string instruments (guitar etc) to students under the age of 6. For very young beginners, starting with piano is the best way for them to learn musical ideas and concepts without the individual finger dexterity and strength required to make playing guitar enjoyable.