NEW 2019 Weather & Illness Cancellation Policies - all students please read!

Since I've been teaching music in rural Vermont, I've discovered weather and illness can have a much larger impact here than in my previous locations! Weather and illness are out of our control, and as such, there is NO CHARGE for cancellations made due to either occurrence. That said, PLEASE TEXT me as soon as possible if you think weather and/or illness may impact your lessons.

I am now offering same-time online lessons (via Skype or FaceTime) for any in-person lessons that should be canceled for either reason. This is to better serve all students with consistent weekly lessons, but I need to know ahead of time (same day is fine)  to set up my home studio. For example, if you usually have a Wednesday 6pm lesson and it's too icy for me to safely come to you, or someone in your home has a fever, we can still meet via Facetime or Skype on Wednesday at 6pm for our regularly-scheduled lesson as long as you text me earlier in the day. This way nobody misses a lesson, and everyone remains safe and healthy. Please note for young students, parents should be available during the lesson to help with any hand placement or trouble spots to work on. Thank you in advance for understanding!

Here are specific details:


In the event of inclement weather of any type (heavy rain/flooding, snow, sleet, ice, power outages, etc) at your home, please use your judgement and TEXT me as soon as possible. If you wouldn't want to be out in the current conditions, chances are I cannot safely do so either. It is ALWAYS better to be safe and miss a lesson than risk a car accident or injury - and remember, there is NO CHARGE for lessons missed due to weather


If ANYONE in your home has been ill (fevers, stomach issues, contagious colds, coughs, etc) within 48hrs of the lesson, again please use your judgement and TEXT me as soon as possible. If anyone has missed work or school, seen a doctor or needed medication, or you wouldn't invite visitors spend time in your home, PLEASE do not invite me into your home for lessons. Although it may not seem like a big deal since I'm not there very long, if I end up with a cold/flu/etc, I will then lose a week or more of lessons as I do not teach when I am sick. Please be respectful of your neighbors and friends who are also learning music with me, and understand that, while a wintertime runny nose may not be a big deal to you, it could cancel lessons for the neighborhood and/or keep me home from work for the next week. There is NO CHARGE for lessons missed due to illness, and if you're ever not sure, please reach out and we can discuss what the right solution is. It is much better for everyone to skip a lesson and get healthy than to spread germs - and we can do an online lesson if the student is feeling up to it!

If you are ever uncertain, please don't hesitate to contact me and we'll figure out the best solution together. I would rather err on the side of caution and safety when it comes to weather and illness so we can all stay safe and healthy!