FAQ: When Should I Start Learning Music?

Prospective students and parents often ask me "What's the right age to start music lessons?" My answer is an enthusiastic "Any age!" Learning music is beneficial to students of all ages. I've taught lessons to students as young as three all the way up into retirement and I've seen growth and development at every age.  

Before three years old, a private music lesson is probably not the best choice, but group music classes such as Mommy and Me music, music and movement classes, Kindermusic, and others are a great option for infants and toddlers. Children love to listen to and move to music and it's wonderful to encourage that natural inclination at a young age. 

Between three and five, some students are ready for private piano lessons, and some are not - and that's okay! If you're considering piano lessons for your pre-kindergarten student, meet with the teacher ahead of time to ensure both the teacher and your child connect. At this age, engagement is key. A teacher more focused on teaching advanced techniques may not connect with a young child still learning their left and right hands.  

At about age six, most students are ready for private music lessons, should they decide to head in that direction. Their hands are a bit stronger, they usually know how to read, and they've generally been in a classroom environment for at least a year. I still recommend meeting with the prospective teacher ahead of time - this helps ensure the student likes and trusts the teacher before lessons and homework enter the equation. It also gives the teacher time to evaluate the student's level of readiness. 

I also love teaching beginner students around middle school age - 8-12 years. At this age, students are still seeking reinforcement and approval, but their individual personalities and goals in music are really beginning to emerge. It's amazing as a teacher to see how creative these young people are, both in how they learn, and in how much they learn.  

In short, the right time to begin learning music is now! If you're reading this, contact me to set up an initial meeting. I look forward to joining you on your musical journey!